The Price of Folly

Safia Kessas
Durée 90 min

For several months, this film will follow the footsteps a 27-year-old "returnee", from Syria. After serving a heavy prison sentence for wanting to join ISIS, she must now retrieve the course of her life. However, the obstacles are numerous. The judicial system has not created the proper conditions for a seamless transition to home.
She has changed she acknowledges her mistakes. Yet, the judicial system does not believe in her redemption. It freezes her in the simplistic image of a radical Islamic woman. She is no longer that woman, but by not granting her a second chance, the system is taking the risk of over-radicalizing. Here in Belgium and not in the Syrian hell, these returnees are abandoned to themselves. Without the support of her family, the young woman would not be able to escape such spiral.


In coproduction with 416 and LCP – Assemblée nationale

with the support of
Screen Brussels
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Loterie Nationale belge
Ministère belge de l’aide à la Jeunesse
Fonds pour le Journalisme