The girafe and the lion

Jean-Michel Dehon, Joël Leclerc, Catherine Lorsignol
Durée 52 min

Nayega, in the Togolese savannah. Thomas Nahm-Tchougli, the village chief, is overseeing the final preparations to welcome, with honours, a long-time friend: André Lorsignol, a 67-year-old Belgian.

The Giraffe and the Lion is a crossover portrait of these two who have known each other for over 30 years now. Of those two-shared destinies, an atypical and deep friendship will grow. The passion, strength and energy of the one together with the dreams and the long-term vision of the other will lead the two friends to gradually transform the 46 villages of savannah areas. Today, to inaugurate the very last wells and to celebrate the outcome of a vast school project, the party promises to be grandiose.

The miles, the social and cultural differences, the generation gap, nothing would have separated the two accomplices during all these years. An astonishing human adventure, a universal tale, where the giraffe and the lion watch together on the welfare of the savannah’s people.


André Lorsignol