Les Mystères de la chorale

Emmanuelle Dubergey
TV film
Durée 90 min
Écrit par Philippe Le Dem

Caroline, a young gendarmerie captain, finds herself facing her first murder case. An 18 year old girl, Sabrya, of Kurdish origin, is murdered on her way home from the choir where she used to sing.

At the crime scene she discovers that Louis Kleber, a semi-retired cop, is watching.

Annoyed by Louis' offer of help, which she considers intrusive, she finally agrees to let him follow her in her investigation.

Louis, who is on half-time leave, has asked to be transferred to this town's police station to be closer to his daughter Hélène, with whom he has been estranged for five years. Hélène is the pianist of the choir...

And Sabrya was baby sitting for Paul, the tenor of the choir, a widower who is raising his two 10 year old boys alone...

And Emma often joined Sabrya in Paul's absence...

And Hélène is married to Patricia who runs a tattoo parlour...

Many ties and unspoken things in this city, which will shake up our young captain and our old cop and which will help them to unravel not only the plot, but emotions that have been held back for too long.


Flach Film Production
France Télévisions
RTBF (Belgian Television)


Nicolas Marié – as Louis Kleber
Maud Baecker – as Caroline Dubreuilh
Fabrice Delville – as Paul Lefort
Jean-Michel Noirey – as Thomas Schneider
Marwann Berreni – as Kuvan Birkan
Shemss Audat – as Nadia Birkan