Son of

Frank Devos
Saison 1
Épisode 8
Durée 8 x 45 min
Écrit par A. Négrevergne, C. Pistone, S. Talbi, S. Bertrand, G. Delferière, and B. Tilquin, with the collaboration of Y. Ramonet

This story, based on real events, starts in Brussels.

Inheritance is the story of a gangster father (re)discovered by his children over the course of the episodes, while on a dangerous treasure hunt in the most hostile urban jungle in the world :

More specifically, it is the story of Camille, the robber’s illegitimate son, who will have to find what his father – whom he has never really known – left behind : a heap of precious stones - - The story of his best friend, Salim, who is going to help him (or is he ?) because, in fact, he would really like a normal life, well, almost; not really – And Sarah, the robber’s daughter; the first two characters do not know her but must make do... because this «Nikita» is the only person who lived with their father throughout all those years on the run. And then, César, from the Matongé neighbourhood, the nephew of a dangerous gang leader and Franck’s youngest child who never met his father and who could turn out to be the key.

Without a doubt, Inheritance is a story of heritage.

And the problem with heritage is that the bigger it is, the more people look for a share, and the more people look for a share, the more violent the conflict.

Circling the robber’s haul are his daughter... his sons... his ex-wives... the Dutch mafia... an African gangster... a mysterious one-eyed mercenary...
...In short, many individuals. There is going to be trouble.


Produced by
AT-Prod et la RTBF

In coproduction with

With the support of du Fonds Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / RTBF pour les Séries belges

And Casa Kafka Pictures – empowered by Belfius
And Film Fund Luxemburg

With the contribution of de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / ScreenBrussels & de ScreenFlanders

Distributed by Federation Entertainment


Camille Pistone – as Camille Maerst
Salim Talbi – as Salim Talbi
Mara Taquin – as Sarah Pistone
Béatrice Dalle – as Wafah
Marka – as Frank Pistone
Bwanga Pili Pili – as Safi Botembe
N’landu Lubansu – as César Botembe
Isha Pili Pili – as Marcus Botembe
Tibo Vandenborre – as Le Dutch
Sam Louwyck – as Isaac
Erid Godon – as Rudy
Ronny Waterschoot – as Thomas Reynaerts