Pour te retrouver

Bruno Garcia
TV film
Saison 2021
Durée 2 x 45 min
Écrit par Isabel Sebastian, based on an original idea by Anita Rowan

Lucas, 11 years old, disappears one morning from the family home. His departure plunges Marion and Alexis, his recently separated parents, into an unbearable anxiety: their child is absolutely not equipped to face the outside world alone.
Because Lucas is autistic.

For Marion and Alexis, it is a race against time to find their son. Especially since Lucas has a fascination for water that has already led him to the bottom of a pool. Every minute is counted.


Wildcats Productions


Laëtitia Millot – as Marion Paillet
Assaad Bouab – as Alexis Mercadal
Arthur Jugnot – as Tristan Mercadal
Florence Thomassin – as Capitaine Jocelyn
David Mora – as Lieutenant Kabouche