Murders in Bouillon

Gabrielle Borile & Pierre Penneman
TV film
In development
Durée 90 min
Écrit par Gabrielle Borile & Pierre Penneman

The morning sun is glinting off the Semois as it follows the Franco-Belgian border. On the French bank, an old fisherman notices a boat stuck in the middle of the water. A man in a knight's coat of mail is sitting in it, dead, stabbed in the back. When the fisherman called the police, he noticed that the corpse of a large white swan was floating on the bow of the boat, tied by the neck and strangled from struggling.

Two female investigators, one French, the other Belgian, are forced to investigate together in the world of Castles during the medieval festival of Bouillon. But everything is at odds between them: age, social background, temperament, investigative methods and even their love lives: the former's ex-husband is none other than the latter's new boyfriend. Under these circumstances, will they be able to work together to solve the murder of an aristocrat, killed on the French-Belgian border in a setting reminiscent of the legendary origins of the country's tutelary figure, Godefroy de Bouillon?