Murder in Rocamadour

Lionel Bailliu
TV film
Durée 90 min

A man’s corpse is found on the stairs leading to the sanctuary esplanade of the town of Rocamadour. Before being killed, he was apparently forced to undergo an expiatory pilgrimage as in the Middle Ages and to climb on his knees the 216 steps of the staircase. But what sin could this man have possibly committed to deserve such a sentence? And why is his 8-year-old daughter now missing? Just a few days before retiring, Detective Sophie Lacaze is to team with her replacement, Detective Alexandre Delcroix and solve the mystery that is growing steadily deeper; when, suddenly, out of nowhere, the victim reappears…



with the support of
TV5 Monde


Clémentin Celarie
Grégori Drangere
Steve Kalfa
Gaëlle Bona