Meurtres in Béarn

Delphine Lemoine
Durée 90 min
Écrit par Elsa Chabrol

At the foot of the majestic mountains of Béarn, the wife of a notable, dressed as a medieval queen, is discovered drowned under the bridge of La Légende in Sauveterre de Béarn. The exact spot where, in the 12th century, Queen Sancie was sentenced to drowning for infanticide...
Jeanne, 56, captain of the Research department, is a well-known woman with a colourful manner and a straight face. She is flanked by Héloïse, 55, an elegant, sophisticated middle-class woman who is the jewel in the crown of Pau's Research department. Once good friends, the two women now hate each other. And for good reason: they are the respective mothers, and very partisan, of a young couple going through a devastating divorce...


Zadig production
France Télévisions
RTBF – Belgian Television


Isabel Otero as Jeanne Laborde
Catherine Marchal as Héloïse Servat
Gabriel Ecoffey as Tchétché
Maéva El Aroussi as Wannie
Clément Manuel as Jérémy Casteran