Murders in Mulhouse

Delphine Lemoine
TV film
Durée 90 min
Écrit par Jérôme Amory & François Guérin

While investigating a crime committed in a former potash mine near Mulhouse, Gendarmerie Lieutenant Sandra Bauer begins to suspect the lawyer who had deprived her of custody of her son after her divorce.
But to get to her, Sandra must confront her own brother, Frédéric Bauer, also a lawyer.
In the course of this investigation, where Sandra and her deputy, Laurent Bourbon, finally get closer, she has to face the legend of Saint-Nicolas that is lurking around.
Above all, Sandra and her brother come face to face with a tragic past: the disappearance three years earlier of their nephew Bastien, then aged 9.


Pinp&Pong Productions


Mélanie Maudran
François-David Cardonnel
Nicolas Van Beveren