Meurtres at Amiens

Vincent Trisolini
Durée 90 min
Écrit par Cécile Lorne & Natascha Cucheval

In the heart of the Amiens famous "hortillonnages", on a Nautilus-shaped ride gondola, floats the lifeless body of Charlotte Jelenski.
Who could have attacked this ordinary woman, who was leading an ambitious amusement park project based on the works of Jules Verne?

Captain Louis Monet, who is still recovering from a burn-out following the suicide of his team-mate, and his new assistant Léa Barnier, twenty years his junior, set out on the case. These two will have to learn to investigate together, between Amiens and Le Crotoy, the holiday resort of Jules Verne. The staging of Charlotte's murder first leads them down the path of the market gardeners: behind the amusement park project was in reality a vast tourist complex that would have led to the disappearance of many market garden plots. Paul Chevrier, a horticulturist who was very involved in preserving his plot of land, seemed to be the obvious culprit. But Louis Monet seems unconvinced by the man, who lets himself be accused far too easily...

What about Charlotte's family? Her father, Hervé Jelenski, the director of a closed educational centre, is hiding dark secrets of which his daughter was fully aware... Who could have wanted to take Charlotte's life? The answer may lie in the works of Jules Verne, of which Léa, who grew up in Amiens, knows every detail...


Quad Drama
France Télévision
RTBF – Belgian Television


Joyce Bibring as Léa Barnier
Grégoire Bonnet as Louis Monet
Janis Abrikh as Gaspard