Maddy Etcheban

René Manzor
TV film
Durée 90 min
Écrit par Véronique Lecharpy & Pascal Fontanille

Maddy E(t)cheban is a cop in Bayonne, but more than anything else, she is the mother of Clément, a young autistic boy for whom she has been the sole carer since her husband died. Taken care of at the Agoria Institute during the week, she picks him up every Friday evening. This unchanging rhythm is soon to be disrupted when the director of the institute tells her that she will no longer be able to look after her son.

Maddy then finds herself, like many parents of disabled children, having to look for a solution at the risk of seeing Clément end his days in a psychiatric hospital. Completely helpless, unable to come to terms with this, she considers giving up her career unless she crosses the red line by blackmailing the director into reversing her decision.


Fontaram Productions
France Televisions
RTBF (Belgian Television)


Cristiana Reali
Lorie Pester
Arnaud Binard
Annie Gregorio
François Feroleto