Les mystères des majorettes

Lorenzo Gabriele
TV film
Durée 90 min
Écrit par Lorenzo Gabriel & Laure Duthilleul

In a small town in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France, a tragedy has just occurred: a young majorette has been found dead in the cooler that adorns the estate of the wealthy Madame Li, a Chinese winegrower who has lived in the region for fifteen years.

For Claire, the gendarmerie captain in charge of the case, the investigation is going to be complicated: between the majorettes' rivalries, the suspicions conveyed by the xenophobia of the villagers and the old family stories that resurface, the captain has a tough job. All the more so since David, a criminologist who lives in the village, has been imposed on her as a partner in her investigation.

Claire is reluctant to play along with David's psychological analyses, but she has to find a way to collaborate with him in order to solve the mystery hanging over the town. Their forced collaboration will reveal painful secrets that each of them will be forced to admit to each other... and perhaps to assume for a more peaceful life...


Flach Film Production
France Télévisions
RTBF (Belgian Television)


Isabelle Vitari – as Claire
Alexandre Varga – as David
Marie Bunel – as Patricia
Michèle Moretti – as Eliette