Yann Le Gal
In development
Saison 1
Durée 6 x 52 min
Écrit par Yann Le Gal

This is the year 2031, in a large metropolis. Jahia is black, she’s 15 years old and she is
the daughter of God, sent to earth to save humanity, which is once again, on the verge of collapse. However, Jahia just wanted to be an ordinary girl.
JC 2.0 is...
...the story of a teenager who claims she’s on divine mission in a racist and sexist world ...the story of a family that will make many sacrifices to give their daughter the destiny she deserves
...the story of a city that will gradually come together to believe in the impossible
...the story of humanity that has one last chance to change before it’s too late


In coproduction with
Bavaria Media International