Icebergs Hunters

Charlotte Balatre
Durée 52 min
Écrit par Charlotte Balatre

Iceberg water in your bottles... It's a juicy business that's developed on the island of Newfoundland, in eastern Canada. Iceberg hunters set out to conquer these large white masses, then transform them into 'luxury' water.

While the phenomenon of iceberg migration is not new, their massive presence on the coasts is. These former fishermen have found a new economic boost thanks to them: they have become professional collectors of "100% pure" iceberg water. A white gold business for these men who, just a few years ago, were struggling to make a living from their activity.

However, behind this new Eldorado lies a global climatic and ecological catastrophe: the acceleration of global warming. If global warming continues at its current rate, the melting of Greenland alone could expose 100 million people around the world to annual flooding by the end of the century, and another 400 million as a result of rising seas worldwide.

By following these Arctic iceberg hunters, we have a front-row seat to a global natural disaster, and we also discover that one man's misfortune is another man's gain. Discover all the key stages in this hunt, right through to the resale and processing of this water.


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Edward Kean / Ship’s captain and iceberg hunter
Jason Ross / Senior Ice Forecaster – Canadian Ice Service
Dr. Luke Copland / Professor – University of Ottawa
Jonathan Chatman / Manager – PAL Aerospace
Philip Jones / Aircraft Manager – PAL Aerospace
Stephen Bruneau / Professor – University of Newfoundland
Maxime Geoffroy / Researcher – University of Newfoundland
Nic Balthazar / Journalist