D’Artagnan & Co

Yann Le Gal
In development
Saison 1
Durée 12 x 26 min
Écrit par Yann Le Gal, based on the character created by Alexandre Dumas

Make the world d’Art again

Set in an intentionally anachronistic and gleefully reinvented 17th century, the series recounts the adventures of a perfectly common, yet quite out of the ordinary teenager.

He is 16 years old. Cheeky and lively, his remarks are, at times scathing, at times humorous. Intensely proud and self- confident, he is quick to retort, feisty and eager to fight if his honour is at stake. When his mother dies, he is left all alone, but he still yearns to discover the world.

He is 16 years old, ready for adventure and sets off on a quest to find his father. Little does he know that on the way he will meet highly colourful characters, live many tales, and become a man...

He is 16 years old and his name is D’Artagnan...