Perfect Crimes – A foot in the stirrup

Marie-Hélène Copti
Saison 3
Épisode 13
Durée 52 min
Écrit par Anouk Filippini, Hugo Nathan-Murat & Didier Le Pêcheur

A murderer, known from the start of the episode, thinks he has committed the perfect crime. But a pair of investigators look for the flaw in the killer's plan.
Episode 13 - Émilie Sagnol, 35, a groom at Madame Van der Built's stud, sabotages Tom Ricard's saddle so that he loses a prestigious jumping competition. But the champion got his foot stuck in the stirrup and, dragged by his horse for more than two hundred metres, succumbed to his injuries. Cornered, Émilie sows clues throughout the investigation to frame Gérald, Tom Ricard's groom. Far from exonerating her, this subterfuge enables Agnès and Thibaud to solve this almost perfect manslaughter case.


Éléphant Story
France Télévision
RTBF – Belgian television


Isabelle Gelinas as Agnès
Arthur Mazet as Thibaud
Franck Adrien as Philippe
Laurent Fernandez as Micha