Behind bars

Karim Ouaret
Saison 1
Durée 6 x 52 min
Écrit par Cécile Berger & Olivier Khon

Anna Rivière, a young financial director of a large company, has always put her career before her private life. A choice she has made. Until the day the police arrest her for a murder... she didn't commit. Except that everything points to her. Sent to prison on remand, Anna risks a heavy sentence...

Inside the prison, Anna finds herself trapped in a world that is the opposite of her own. Her social background and her innocence make her an easy prey for the most dangerous prisoners. There, where the law of the strongest reigns, in the midst of violence and trafficking, she who has always respected the rules will have to learn to break them to survive. Violate her principles and morals at the risk of aggravating her sentence. Crossing the yellow line at the risk of losing her soul...

His only hope lies with his family, a father and a brother who have ignored each other for 10 years. With Anna as their only guide, they will have to overcome their conflicts and take huge risks to find out who is behind this machination... And prove her innocence, before her trial threatens to shatter her life forever.


QUAD Télévision
RTBF (Belgian Television)

With the support of
Tax Shelter Gouvernement Belge
Casa Kafka Pictures


Elodie Fontan
Jean-Hugues Anglade
Vincent Rottiers
Malika Douars