Ale Mary

Ian masters, Jon Smith et Eurydice Da Silva
In development
Durée 8 x 30 min
Écrit par Ian masters, Jon Smith et Eurydice Da Silva

Do you believe in miracles? No ? Well you might change your mind after our story.

We are in the small town in Wallonia (Belgium), where the conservative nuns of the order of St Agnes have been living for centuries. But today, they really need a miracle to save their bankrupt Abbaye from a hostile takeover by Trappist Monks from the next town. Their faith is put to the test when a young Congolese refugee, who has just arrived at the convent as a novice, tells them that the Virgin Mary has appeared to her, and that she has a message for them: to save their abbey, they must compete with the monks and start brewing beer.

Ale Mary is a comedy where religion meets beer. It explores faith and doubt, and the importance of community in a world where maybe, just maybe, miracles do happen.