The Flood

In development
Saison 1
Durée 6 x 52 min
Écrit par Tiffany Tavernier and Yves Ramonet, based on a true story

Since learning that he would soon have to undergo a heart transplant, VINCE, 43, ex-husband and a violent father, moved to the town of Pertuis to try, at all costs, to repair his relationship with his two children.

Despite all his efforts, CAROLINE, his 18-year-old daughter, refuses all contact with him. CEDRIC, his 16-year-old son, finally agrees to a reconciliation when the small town is hit by a flood on a massive scale, which causes major damage and leaves over 35 dead.

As Vince searches desperately for his son who is reported missing, he comes across a spring of murky water whose arsenic content proves to be much higher than average.

For him – as well as for his extremely eco-conscious son and LEILA, a young doctor – this marks the beginning of an investigation that gradually leads them to uncover a most serious scandal: 15 million tonnes of toxic waste have been illegally buried throughout the former mine site. As a result of the flood, the land has shifted. At the next heavy rainfall, several million people, let alone a quarter of the country’s crops and, even worse, the ocean, risk poisoning!


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