Raw Material

Boris Tilquin & Diego Martinez Vignatti
En développement
Saison 1
Durée 8 x 52 min

"Raw Material" is an economic thriller and a family drama that plunges us into the heart of neo-colonialism. Alice Delamotte, a brilliant raw material trader, becomes, at the cost of many sacrifices, No. 2 of LMC, a family holding company of international mining. When a media bashing against LMC spreads, this young workaholic uses it to her advantage to dislodge her boss and become number one. The boss is her father. Will this career girl, ambivalent about the reality she discovers, be stopped by the moral dilemma or find a new reason to exist in the meticulous destruction of the family empire? "Raw material" plunges into the schizophrenia of an ambiguous, addict and masochistic character, who is reminiscent of someone close to us... Very close.

Let’s remember one thing: the real cost of our smartphone is not the discounted price displayed in appliance stores, but the 4.5 million violent deaths in Kivu since 1998.


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