Johannes Betz & Sabine Carion
En développement
Saison 1
Durée 8 x 52 min

John Law, is a professional gambler, brilliant mathematician, womanizer and inventor of the bank note. In 1715, he arrives in Paris, convinced that his invention can save the Kingdom of France from bankruptcy. Under the protection of the Regent Philippe d'Orléans, he founds the first central bank and creates the very first joint-stock company in history. Law’s ""System"" brings wealth and euphoria, but quickly gets out of control.

""Extravagance"", based on historical facts, relates the irresistible rise of the Scot John Law, who became one of the most important financial geniuses of his time, and his dramatic fall, bringing with it the bankruptcy of an entire people. Amazingly relevant, this series recounts the birth of the finance and money world as we know it and the first stock market crash in history. Although in the 18th century trading stock is totally new, the motivations of the buyers are the same as today: greed and desire for a better life.


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