In development
Saison 1
Durée 8 x 52 min
Écrit par Johannes Betz & Sabine Carion

A quirky adventurer and gambler fights his last crusade, putting absolutist France upside down and inside out, turning gold into money paper, creating a new economic system, becoming the richest man in the world, kicking off the first stock market bubble in history and going down with its spectacular collapse.

THE BILLIONAIRE tells the true rise and fall story of JOHN LAW OF LAURISTON, beginning with the death of the Sun King, Louis XIV., and spreading over the unleashed „sex & drugs & rock’n’roll“ period that followed. But it is also the story of the obsessions and desires of the people around him: his wife, his valets, the Regent of France, the Police Commissioner of Paris, and the aristocrats and oligarchs who’s intrigues and plots lead to the biggest financial disaster of the 18th century.
Let’s love them, let’s hate them, let’s damn them - let’s be compassionate.

THE BILLIONAIRE is a big-time heist story. Not about robbing a bank. But about establishing one. It’s DALLAS meets WALL STREET, as if written by Alexandre Dumas.


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